This weekend my blog, disappeared. I have no idea where it went. Early Saturday evening everything was business as usual. The site was working great and I was getting a small boost of confidence that, as a new blogger, maybe, just maybe I wasn’t floundering so much in the deep after all. Dropped my son off for a dance, took my girls out for a bite to eat, came home and the site was gone. Only the message that “praystretchpraisebreathe” does not exist came up on the screen.

Subsequently, I have re-registered the domain name but the site is still empty of content. My posts show up in the reader so I know nothing was deleted but I am at a loss as to why nothing shows up in the blog anymore.

Several messages have been sent to the support forums, but it is like winning the power ball to get an answer from the overwhelmed volunteers. So what to do: reformat and add my posts back to the recreated “original” site or just start over?

Starting over it is. 3 posts from the old blog will be copied and pasted here. Not that they are anything earth shattering, but I lost way too much sleep in the writing to allow them to slip into the mists of oblivion just yet. Even if they are meaningful only to me, they are the thoughts that just needed to get out of my mind and onto the page so I am thankful that copies of the content still exist.

If you feel like you have read “Releasing the Pain that Pursues”, “Christ Centered Yoga” or “Exhaustion” before, you were probably a visitor to my previous site.

Thank you for joining me here as my journey continues on this blogging adventure. Let’s enjoy the ride together.