Homeschooling is a way of life. Days are filled with lessons and field trips. Evenings with research and planning. Nights trying not to stress that you are selling your kids short. But don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful life. Parents and kids learning and growing together. Reading great books. Cooking your way around the world. Drawing, crafting, and crying together through math lessons.

But what happens when those bright eyed little kids enter or even near the teenage years. Sometimes then the parent and child begin to have conflicting visions of what would make the ideal homeschool year.

My kids have thrived for the past three years in Classical Conversations, an amazing program that makes classical education accessible to the average mom. One thing is undeniable, as the kids get older it is a lot of work. This mom wants to take a break next year and get back to a more free flowing, eclectic homeschool style. Soon to be 7th grader, however, has other ideas. She is set on doing Challenge A. That would be fine if there was a program in our neighborhood. But as there is not, this mom needs to step up to  direct and tutor the class.

My eyes are wide open. I have filled this role before with an older child. We had a great year. To do the job well is A Lot of work and A LOT of prayer. My heart is conflicted. I would love to walk this road with my almost newly minted teen. But I have other dreams beckoning as well. For the first time in sixteen year I am daring to branch out beyond my family and children. To pursue a passion and calling that is not directly related to them.

I cannot do both well. Something will have to give.  I think it will be my dreams. This season with my children is short. I can invest in seeds and snippets to fulfill those outside goals and nurture the tender shoot that is growing. I need so much prayer to protect my heart from resentment, to faithfully and cheerfully fulfill the task entrusted to me.

Homeschool mamas: How do you find balance?