If we were having coffee we would shove some school books out of the way to make a place at the crowded kitchen table. We would send the kids outside to play on the trampoline, rain or shine. The steaming mugs in our hands would begin to relax tense muscles, while the prospect of much needed adult conversation would be a balm on frayed nerves. We would talk of this and that and everything.

You might fill me in about work, family, and vacation plans for the summer. I might tell you about the beautiful roses, flourishing in spite of me, in the garden, and the trip to City Farm to buy seedlings because we didn’t get any seeds of our own started this year. If you asked me what was new in my life I might tell you about a fledgling project, blogging. Not too many people are in on this yet. Sometimes it is hardest to trust those who know us well with a glimpse into the inner soul. The criticisms flay to deeply, the judgments undermine to much. But with a trusted friend (or a total stranger) there is much to share.

What have I learned over the past few weeks on this new expedition?

First: The world is full of beautiful and amazing people, all with a voice worthy to be heard. We need to respect the power of story and allow them to be told. We need to value the experience of another and listen with humility, while sharing in love the truth we have been given.

Second: It feels good to learn something new. Platforms like wordpress.com are amazing. They allow a person with virtually no technical know how to start and manage a blog. Who knows, I may even venture out into the wilds of twitter, instagram, and tumblr, but no promises there.

On a related note, part of the fun of having teenagers is that they can sometimes become their parent’s teachers. My daughter recently took a digital photography course and is helping me learn to take and edit decent photos. Most of the pictures are only trash worthy, but baby steps.

Third: Writing is excellent therapy. I wouldn’t really consider myself a “writer” but I do love to write. Hmm, that doesn’t make complete sense, but is true none the less. There are so many ideas and emotions that I can only process effectively through writing. Journaling has been an on again off again past time since my early teen years. Blogging is like journaling plus, the catharsis of the entry with the fun of meeting new people to share ideas and encouragement with.

Lastly: As a (nearly) burned out homeschool mom, and a discouraged, spiritually exhausted Christian, I have found something that brings a spark of joy. I recently ran across a post that introduced the idea of poetry teas. I can’t wait to begin “poetry tea Tuesdays” with my kids next week. My kids are excited. Who knows, a post update may even follow. Anyway, it feels like a long time since our days have had a spark of joy and inspiration. Finding that in myself is helping me to find it again for homelife with my children. It is a wonderful feeling to have something to enjoy.

If we were having coffee, what would stories would you share?