One wonderful, sleep deprived, steep learning curve, month ago, the first post, Vanished, was published on this site. A month full of new friendships, discovery, and inspiration. Mere weeks ago I was a discouraged, spiritually exhausted Christian, a burned out homeschool mom, and a shut down yoga teacher. Finding community and encouragement is a refreshing rain of blessing, healing and uplift. The shifts are subtle. Taking time to rest and reflect. Daring to process and share. Overcoming fear of failure enough to try new things. Looking for kindness: what is good, beautiful, and true, and finding these things more than I thought possible. Kicking off month 2 with a 7 day “Daily Post” challenge. Many thanks to those who have lifted me up and helped me along. Looking forward to the next leg of the journey.

Daily Post 7: Day 1