For all of you out there who might be wanting to try home exercise, but haven’t quite pushed play yet, this ones for you!

Have you ever noticed that many things labeled for beginners really are anything but. Many “simple” knitting patterns have proven inscrutable. “Easy” piano pieces, for those of us who are not Mozart, require quite a bit of preparation and practice. The same thing is found in fitness. Many workouts labeled beginner require quite a bit of strength and stamina. The moves and proper form are not clearly broken down and explained. High impact may be included from the get go. This can really be discouraging sometimes. Sometimes we need to start at a place that is challenging, but where we can see the light of success. Maybe we can only do half the reps at first, but day by day, week, by week, we get stronger until we can rock the entire workout!

Fitness Blender’s beginner workout is a great place to start! Do as much as you can, and gradually work your way up to nearly a 30 minute workout.


Tip of the Week: Increase gradually. Whether it is mileage, reps, or weights, increase carefully and mindfully. Trying to add too much, too soon can cause injury.

Recipe Recommendation:  Superfood Kale Salad is a summer favorite around here. I also like to add sunflower seeds. This is great to take for picnics and potlucks!

Encouraging Word:  Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

How did your fitness journey begin? Are you new to fitness and looking for motivation? What helps you get up off the couch?

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